A Visit To The Hop Yard

The Kettlehead crew made a journey to The Hop Yard in Gorham, Maine yesterday. We were on a mission to gather Cascade Hops for the Harvest Ale we brewed today. The Hop Yard is a 7th generation piece of family farmland. In years past it was used for hay and livestock. Their onsite processing facility also serves to harvest, dry, bale, and store hops before they are ready for palletization. Every fall we plan on gathering at least 100lbs of wet hops for our harvest ale during peak harvesting season. A big thanks to Terry for showing us around the Incredible Hop Yard, we’re looking forward to sharing our Harvest Ale with all of you!

Cascade Hops. citrus, grapefruit

Alpha Acid: 5.5%
Beta Acid: 5.6%
Total Oil: 0.9mL/100g

Often considered the most popular variety in craft brewing due to it’s versatility, Cascade has in some ways become synonymous with the nose of American style IPAs.

Photo Sep 13, 10 45 35 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 12, 11 51 39 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 12, 11 51 41 AM.jpg
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