Our flagship IPA. Double dry hopped to bring out more hop presence. Flavors of orange and grapefruit with a healthy malt backbone.


What is your Quest? Ours was to brew a juicy, dank, approachable double IPA, bursting with tropical fruit, mango, peach, pineapple. A combo of 4 different hops make up this complex double IPA

Photo Oct 30, 9 59 43 AM.jpg

1.101 Quadruple IPA, 12.5%

This is our one year anniversary beer. It's a culmination of all the things we have learned in 1 short year. We took all the hops from our Double IPAs and combined them into this 1 masterpiece. Thanks to all our supporters, friends, and family. Here's to many more years. Thanks again!


November 1 2018
original gravity 1.101

Photo Nov 07, 2 44 46 AM.jpg

Lumberjack Latte, 6% ABV

Our Brown Ale brewed with sea salt and lactose. Aged in maple bourbon barrels with cold brew coffee.

Photo Oct 06, 10 16 52 AM.jpg

3KD, Triple IPA, 11%

Triple dry hopped with Huell Mellon, Mandarin Bavaria, Galaxy, Idaho 7 and a new experimental hop. It produces a complex nose with aromas of both tropical and dried fruits, citrus, Mellon. This beer engulfs your mouth as you sip with flavors that evolve as the beer warms in your glass. So juicy, tropical and extremely dangerously drinkable With moderate to high bitterness that subsides quickly, this beer drinks incredibly smooth for 11% Tread lightly my friends, it’s a knock out!!


Head Nods & Finger Guns, Brut IPA, 6.5%

A unique style of IPA. Hopped with Vic Secret and Denali and fermented with champagne yeast gives this beer a light, crisp champagne like character while keeping a sturdy hop profile.


Perennial, Harvest Ale, 6.5%

This wet hopped harvest ale is made with 100 pounds of fresh Cascade hops from The Hop Yard in Gorham Maine


El Dorado Falcon, Pale Ale, 6%

Not your typical pale ale, this ones hazy and hop forward. Aromas of candied orange and tangerines with a subtle malt character.


Trailside IPA, 7% ABV

A throwback recipe from the days of home-brewing. TRAILSIDE is a golden IPA hopped with simcoe, cascade and centennial with a big citra dry hop. Notes of citrus and pine with a refreshing dry finish


Moon Rover DIPA, 7.8%

Photo Dec 05, 10 52 44 AM.jpg

Nunchuck Ping Pong DIPA, 8.2%

The use of Idaho 7 and Eureka hops makes this a dangerously fun double IPA.

Photo Oct 28, 11 37 06 AM (1).jpg

Lupulin Milkshake with Blackberry Sprinkles, Lactose IPA, 7%

A creamy, smooth and fruity IPA with blackberries, vanilla beans, Mosaic hops and lactose

Photo Nov 23, 10 39 11 AM.jpg

Lupulin Milkshake, Orange Creamsicle, 7%

Fruited with citrus fruits, milk sugar, and vanilla beans. Hopped with Citra, Mandarin Bavaria, and Pacifica hops.


Aloha Summer, Session IPA

ALOHA SUMMER drops Friday. A session IPA with pineapple, coconut, and milk sugar added to create a Pina Colada inspired beer. Slim and trim at 4% abv. This summer slammer won't leave you caught in the rain or face down in the sand.

I was tired of my IPA
We'd been together too long
Like a worn out recording
Of our favorite song
So while I lay there drinking
I read the Facebook in bed
And on the Kettlehead page
There was this post that I read...

If you like Pina Coladas
And getting hops off your brain
If you're not into dark beer
If you want a new strain
If you like drinking till midnight and pounding the beers
I'm the love that you've looked for
ALOHA SUMMER is here ☀️🥥🍍


Das Kettlehead, Octoberfest, 5.5%

A traditional Octoberfest with a malty start and a clean fry finish. light amber in color with a medium body.


Dinosaurs Swimming In The Sky DIPA, 7.8%

A double dry hopped imperial IPA. The use of galaxy and enigma hops make this one a beer lovers friend.

Photo Nov 14, 12 26 40 PM.jpg

Dr. Denali’s Hoppy Red, 7% ABV

A hoppy and crisp red ale dry hopped with DR. Rudi and Denali hops.


Flow Switch, DIPA, 8%

As the name says we will be switching the hop profile with every batch creating new flavors and aromas.


A creamy, smooth and fruity IPA with raspberries, vanilla beans and lactose. El Dorado and Mosaic Hops.

Mi6 DIPA, 8%

The use of hop extract oil and multilabel dry hop additions with Mosaic and Citra lupulin powder leaves double IPA dripping with smooth tropical hoppiness.


Panama IPA, 6.5%

An island inspired beer, brewed with Almonds, Coconut, Apricot and a mix of juicy hops with flavors of Mellon and citrus.


Shuttlebus, Rye IPA, 7%

Brewed with rye and crystal malts, then dry hopped with five different hops to give this brew strong hop character paired with spicy caramel tones.


Bomb Pop, Sour Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Brewed with 100 lbs of raspberries. Refreshing, tart and full of juicy haze.

Photo Oct 08, 4 41 34 PM.jpg

(VEEK)-Tor, Russian Imperial Stout, 10.5%

A Russian Imperial Stout that we allowed to age in our Rye Whiskey barrels. This lends a slight Whiskey character to the beer while still being malty and rich.


Mokaya Chocolate Stout, 6.5%

Brewed with a heavy amount of chocolate malts, this one is rich, chocolaty and smooth as velvet.

Photo Oct 24, 10 12 09 AM.jpg

Claymore, Scotch Ale, 10%

A complex ale that warms the chest. This beer has a heavy malt bill providing a strong ABV and flavors of malty caramel and roasted malt.


Brown Pow, Brown Ale, 6%

An often neglected style of beer. we put the emphasis on the nutty, biscuit, caramel and roasty character it deserves.


Local Blue, Pale Wheat Ale, 5%

Our blueberry ale. A glowing pinkish blue color, made with fresh blueberries picked at a local farm. We add lactose to this beer to help combat the sourness of the blueberries.


Java The Nut, Porter, 6.5%

A coffee coconut porter brewed with dark roast coffee beans and real coconut.

Chardee Mcdennis.jpg

Chardee McDennis, Dry Irish Stout, 4.5%

An Irish Dry Stout we brewed to drink in celebration of St Patrick's day. Guinness lovers rejoice.


Soul Hop

One hop serious session ale. We change up the hops each time we brew.

wodden fusion 2 d.JPG

Wooden Fusion, Red Ale, 7%

Aged in rye whiskey barrels


Lemon Mint, Hefeweizen,4%

A wheat ale brewed with lemon mint herb giving a slight lemon and mint character to the beer.

Forester Pass.JPG

Forester Pass, American IPA, 6.5%

A more traditional IPA with some west coast influence, A higher IBU with notes pine and resin.

local hooligan.jpg

Local Hooligan, Kolsch, 5.25%

A traditional German Kolsch, light and crisp for easy drinkability.


Tommy, Pilsner, 5%

Our first pilsner. We brewed it with pilzen malt and added saaz throughout the boil then we dry hopped it in true Kettlehead fashion with wakatu, a New Zealand hop. Light and refreshing with hints of lemon lime.


Pineapple Funk, Sour Ale, 4.7%

A sour ale brewed with real pineapple and dry hopped with Motueka lends this beer aromas of tropical fruit and pineapple. A crisp tart finish makes this the perfect warm weather beer.


Lemonhead, Sour Gose, 3.5%

A sour gose ale. Kettle soured with corriander and sea salt. Very tart but refreshing. No lemon added. At 3.5% ABV this is a sessionable summer sipper.